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ROTG Shorts 2

Ch 2: Mama Bunny, Papa North

(Rise of the Guardians.  Slash, but PG-Rated)

Setting: North’s Workshop.  Following the battle with Pitch.

The others had departed, leaving North to show Jack to his room.  He’d had the yetis working on a new wing so that the frost child could enjoy the cold while still being in the workshop.  There were icy tears in Jack’s eyes when the boy gave him a quick hug of thanks in return.    

Now, with the business of the Nightmare King behind them, the older Guardian was looking forward to a relaxing evening in his favorite chair in front of the fire.  It was the perfect place to rest and think of new toys for children.

At least, that was his plan, until he noticed a curious trail of flowers leading toward his rarely-used bedchambers.  Mouth curving up into a delicious smirk, the Russian followed the delicate blooms and pushed open the heavy, red door.

Long ears twisted his way, but the rabbit only smiled down at the book in his blanket-covered lap.  Familiar, egg-shaped glasses sat on the tip of Bunny’s nose as he slipped a bookmark into place and set the book on the nightstand.  Green eyes met blue, jolting North from his thoughts.  

'It's about time, mate.  I was starting to think I'd be sleeping alone tonight,' Bunny drawled, watching his lover shrug out of his heavy jacket.  

'I thought you had left for the Warren,' North replied, changing quickly into his nightshirt.  The pooka may prefer to sleep unclothed, but the former bandit prince liked to be able to jump out of bed at a moment's notice, ready for a fight.  

The rabbit waited until North was under the covers, before sliding closer.  Gentle paws traced over the taller man’s weary, but expressive face.  ’Easter is over, so I thought I’d take a much needed vacation.’  

'You are welcome to stay as long as you want… my home is yours,' the Russian whispered, taking in the sight of his zajchik (little rabbit).  How he longed to draw the exotic beauty into his arms and remind him that Easter was never far from Christmas' thoughts.  The gentle nuzzle of furred lips against his bearded chin brought him back to reality.  

'Finally got the little ankle-biter settled in?' Bunny asked, pulling back slightly so that he could look up into the man's enchanting eyes.

'Jack is liking his new room,' North stated, reaching out to slip the egg-shaped glasses from his lover's face.  Much as he adored seeing Aster curled up in his personal study, glasses at the tip of his nose, absorbed in one of his many books; the glasses were too delicate to wear while sleeping.  Too tempting, as well.  The mere sight of his zajchik wearing them always drove the former bandit to steal a kiss.  Or two.  Or three…

'It has been too long, Aster.' North flicked off the table lamp, plunging the room into darkness.  

'I know,' the pooka agreed, fitting perfectly against the Russian's larger body.  Head tucked under North's chin, Bunny inhaled the familiar scent of cinnamon and cloves, a reminder to his exhausted body that he was safe.  He was home.  


'Oh man, I am so glad I found a camera.'

North would have reacted with lightening reflexes, had he not been so pleasantly drowsy.  Besides, Jack was family now, and the rabbit in his arms felt so warm and comfortable.  

A blinding flash of light drew a swear in North’s native tongue, and a groan from the pooka who refused to open his eyes.  

'Frostbite, when I finally drag my tail out of bed… you'd better not be in here,' Bunny grumbled, burrowing his head even deeper into North's soft beard.  

'Sure thing, Mama Bunny.  I'll let you and Papa North sleep a while longer… while I go show Jamie these adorable pictures!' the frost child announced, zipping out the window before the pair could catch him.

'Wait… What?!' Bunny sat up quickly, ears perked to attention.  

'Is just like adopting a child, no?' North laughed, watching his lover slip out of bed to close the window.  Grey paws tugged at the blinds, blocking out the sun that would continue to shine, day and night, until late September.

'That boy is going to be a handful,' the pooka agreed, yawning loudly as he slid back under the covers and into the Russian's waiting arms.  

The pair drifted back to sleep, dreaming of eggs and candy canes, of family and love.

…the end…


ROTG Shorts 1

Ch 1: Holiday Prank

It was everywhere.  Dangling from every entrance-way, piled high upon the tables, even tangled into the yetis’ fur.  The Guardians stared in amazement at the scene in North’s workshop.  

'So… the elves have been decorating?' Bunny asked aloud, his ears twitching curiously.  North shook his head and gestured to the small group of elves near his feet.  All three had mistletoe tied to the tops of their hats, causing them to dance around and kiss each other on the cheeks.  

'They are a little too short to get so high up.  And the yetis do not seem to like having the plant in their fur either,' North laughed, clearly amused with the prank.  

Prank… ‘Frostbite,’ Bunny grumbled, but even his lips were perking at the corners, threatening to become a full-blown smile.  

'Well this is a dreary scene.  I thought that funny plant was suppose to make people act all lovey dovey toward each other,' a familiar young voice echoed from the top of the globe.  All eyes shot toward the frost-haired boy smirking from his perch above the chaos.  

'Come down, yah little ankle-biter,' the pooka demanded, crossing his arms over his chest in an attempt to avoid letting the snow-child know how he truly felt about the prank.  

'Mmmm… yeah, I don't think so.  Not while that stuff is hanging all over the place.  Come to think of it, I really should have invited Pitch.  If anyone needs a little lovin', it's that guy.  Then maybe he'd mellow out with the whole “take over the world” thing,' Jack mused aloud.  

North actually seemed to think it over, despite Bunny’s frown.  Tooth just giggled at the thought, and Sandy… well, he seemed downright amused at the idea.  

'Oh, what's this?  Someone is breaking the rules,' Jack smirked, twirling his staff.  A wave of snowflakes darted toward the Guardians and began to circle around North and Tooth, sweeping them closer together.  

The pair glanced up to see the little sprig of mistletoe hanging above their heads.  

'Well, if we really have no choice,' Tooth commented, shrugging her shoulders and sharing a secret grin with the taller guardian.  

'Yes, no choice at all, it seems,' North looked just as amused, even as he pulled the winged-women gently closer, their lips brushing pleasantly before the crowd.  

'Ha ha!  Careful, Phil, looks like you're next!' the snow-child laughed, watching his favourite yeti-playmate making an attempt to flee from the trio of elves who were now chasing him though the workshop.  

Caught up in his laughter, the boy was taken by surprise as two furry arms pulled him back against a taller body perched behind him.  Jack blinked up at the Easter Bunny who merely pointed toward the small sprig of mistletoe now attached to the tip of the staff that the boy was holding tightly.  

'Sorry, mate, but you know the rules,' Bunny stated, pressing his lips to the boy's reddening cheek, before letting him go and darting away with a laugh.  Glancing over his shoulder, the rabbit was delighted to see Jack in a rare state of being struck speechless.


'Hey, Sandy.  Here,' Jack whispered, pressing something into the smaller man's golden hands.  A question-mark appeared over the little man's head as he opened his hands to reveal a sprig of mistletoe that had been saved from the workshop-wide cleanup.  

'For Pitch.  I figure if anyone can get him to lighten up, it'd be you,' the frost spirit whispered, making sure the others couldn't hear him.  

Sandy returned his smile and tucked the little plant into one of his sandy sleeves.  Perhaps it was time to pay the old nightmare king a visit.  

…the end…


Mario and Luigi - A New Generation

The new Mario game console was the talk of the arcade.  It had been delivered late in the evening; so late, in fact, that Mr. Litwak didn’t even have time to plug it in before he left for the night.  And so it sat, screen motionless and dark, waiting to be plugged in for the first time.

The avatars of the Mario Kart console were both excited and concerned by the new game.  There was a 50/50 chance that the older Mario game would be unplugged in the morning.  That was just the way things went when you lived in an arcade game.  


Morning came quickly and the new game “Mario and Luigi: A New Generation” was an instant hit.  Rumours spread quicker than a virus outbreak.  Talk of Luigi’s newfound fame, a green-skinned princess, and the bonus wedding scene had the other games buzzing with excitement.  When the lights finally went out, the rush of avatars into Grand Central Station was overwhelming.  All eyes rested on the new doorway as they waited for the avatars to make their appearance.

Grouped near the entrance, the Mario Kart avatars were the first to see the game characters striding toward them.  Mario and Daisy paced side-by-side, followed by a cheerful Peach who seemed to be chatting with Bowser.  

There was a cheer from the crowd as the twin avatars exchanged greetings, handshakes, and ecstatic hugs (from the princesses, of course).  Then a hush fell over the gathering as two figures entered the tunnel.  Luigi’s familiar form walked hand-in-hand with the new princess.

Moss-colored skin, shoulder-length golden hair, enchanting dark eyes… she was absolutely stunning.  The biggest surprise was the thigh-length white tunic, accented by a flowing red cape, taking the place of a princess dress.  

The Mario Kart princesses could barely contain their excitement.  ’Awwww!  They’re so cute together!’  Everyone could see that Luigi and the new princess had eyes only for each other.  


Mario (from Mario Kart) cleared his throat and waited for the crowd to settle down.  With a smile, he welcomed the newest avatars to Grand Central Station and waited for them to introduce themselves.  The New Generation avatars were so at ease with one another that their introductions were pleasant and charming.  When the floor finally passed to the last pair, the new Luigi stepped forward, pulling the princess with him into the spotlight.  

'Good evening, everyone.  As you know, I am Luigi.  I am quite pleased to introduce the newest member of the Mario Brothers family… my fiancée, Prince Peasley.'

Silence stretched the station at the announcement.  In their shock, no one seemed to notice the blue hedgehog until he was standing next to the couple.  

'A new generation, indeed.  Anyone that has an issue with it can kiss my tail.  Now, let's give our new friends a big round of applause,' Sonic announced, winking at the young couple as he started to clap.  

That was all it took to break the group out of their stupor.  Cheers rang out as the new avatars were fully welcomed into the community.  


Prince Peasley let out a small laugh as Luigi twirled him close, nuzzling their noses together.  The crowd had dispersed and the two Mario groups were left to get to know one another.

'So, is there any truth to the rumour of a bonus wedding scene?' Daisy (from Mario Kart) asked her counterpart.  

'Sure is.  Gamers have a choice of playing Mario and Luigi, as you know.  When one of them hits the bonus scene, the gamers choose a bride for their hero,' the new Daisy answered with a smile.  

'Mario and I were chosen a few times, but the gamers really like pairing Luigi up with Daisy or Peasley,' the new Peach informed them, sharing a giggle with her Daisy.  

'Sounds like you're out of a job, bro,' Mario (from Mario Kart) commented to his twin.  

'Mama mia, you're completely right.  My little brother gets all the love.  But since Peach has been hanging out with Bowser, I've had time to get to know Daisy a bit better, if you know what I mean,' the new Mario nudged his counterpart in the side, lowering his voice at the end so that the rest of the group didn't overhear him.  

The Bowsers exchanged looks, knowing that the others hadn’t heard the perverted little comment from the new Mario.  They were definitely going to be keeping an eye on him. 

…the end…

Author’s Note: This short little story was just begging to be written. I adore Luigi x Prince Peasley, so it was fun to finally take a crack at writing it.


A Special Hate-lationship

 Summary: Spoilers for “The Pet”. AU, Lord Wander universe.

The little beast was staring at him again, despite not having any visible eyes. Wander glared back, daring the spider-legged creature to come closer. For the moment, it was staying just out of reach.

It was the sort of monster that Lord Wander would have happily unleashed upon his enemies. An acid-spewing, sharp-toothed beast with a nasty temperament. It was targeting his shoes, Wander was sure of it. The star nomad had taken to locking his custom-made sneakers in the vault to prevent further “accidents”.

So why did he, Lord Wander, the most evil overlord in the universe, allow such a beast to roam his command ship at its leisure?

“We’re home! Did you behave yourself for daddy Wander while I was away? Yes, I bet you did. You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?” Hater burst into the room and proceeded to coo over his pet.

Wander slumped lower in his throne, watching as his companion doted on the creature.

“He didn’t nibble on your shoes today,” the skeleton wizard observed cheerily, dragging Wander out of his seat for a massive hug. The overlord didn’t even attempt to struggle; he simply grumbled under his breath and waited for Hater to release him.

A soft growl was the only warning they had before a chill swept over Wander’s suddenly bare head. “Put me down!” the orange-furred overlord demanded, landing quickly on his feet once he was released.

“Bad boy, Captain Tim,” Hater admonished.

“Watchdogs! Catch that mongrel!”

…the end…

(check out Archive of Our Own for more wingedtora fanfiction)

Tora x Beast-form Ushio

Tora x Beast-form Ushio


Slash / Yaoi Fanfiction

I’m pretty new to tumblr, but has been my playground for years. And here are a few other sites that host my fanfiction.  For the most part, I’m happy writing slash fanfiction, but I do write general fics once in a while.

(the site & pen name I can be found under) (shitiger)

Livejournal (wingedtora) (wingedtora)

Ygallery! (wingedtora)

Archive of our own (wingedtora) (wingedtora)

Youtube (wingedtora)


Series I’ve explored in fanfiction and the pairings I love with a passion:

Wander over Yonder - Hater x Wander

ROTG (Rise of the Guardians) - Bunnymund x Jack Frost

Transformers - Skyfire x Starscream, Optimus x Starscream… heck, let’s just say ANY MALE CYBERTRONIAN x Starscream. Wasp x Bee, Shockwave x Blurr (or Bee or Wasp or Cliffjumper… why does Shockwave have a reputation for having a minibot harem and why do I love it so much?)

Darkwing Duck - Elmo Sputterspark x Drake Mallard (Megavolt x Darkwing Duck), Darkwing Duck x Launchpad, Liquidator x Bushroot, etc.

Ushio and Tora - Tora x Ushio, Juro x Ushio

Penguins of Madagascar - Hans x Skipper, Uncle Nigel x The Red Squirrel, Buck Rockgut x The Red Squirrel, The Amarillo Kid x Private (Mr. Tux), Kowalski x Julien, Maurice x Julien… I’m pretty open to most slash pairings in this series.

Winnie the Pooh - Tigger x Rabbit

The Lorax - Lorax x Once-ler (especially if Once-ler is turned into a forest guardian)

Peter Pan - Billy x Slightly.  Also, Hook x Peter, I guess.  Depends on who is writing it.  Peter x any of his lost boys is always adorable.

Looney Tunes Show / Duck Dodgers - Bugs Bunny x Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny x Duck Dodgers (Tech x Rev if we’re referring to Loonatics)

Storm Hawks - Repton x Stork, Captain Scabulous x Finn, One Arm (merb) x Stork, etc.

Gundam Wing - 1x2, 5x13 (if you’re a GW fan, you know who I’m talking about :)

DBZ - Ever after all these years, I still adore Trunks.  Other than that, Piccolo x Dende is adorable.

Harry Potter - James Potter x Severus Snape, Remus Lupin x Severus Snape… I just adore the misunderstood Severus Snape :)  I’m also quite partial to Draco Malfoy x Ron Weasley and Oliver x Percy.

Monster Rancher - Tiger of the Wind x Hare

If Bunnymund and Jack ever had a daughter… She’d be freakin’ adorable!  I so need to draw more.  I’m much better at fanfiction.

If Bunnymund and Jack ever had a daughter… She’d be freakin’ adorable!  I so need to draw more.  I’m much better at fanfiction.

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